IFR Flight Simulator - Making Pilot Lessons Less Expensive

Published: 02nd June 2010
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IFR Flight Simulator - Making Flight Training Affordable

The way the economy is headed these days, undoubtedly the desire of being able to accomplish something with your pilots license, is abruptly fading out of reach for many hard core aviation enthusiasts.

If you already have a private pilot license and you are considering to get your Instrument Rating, then it is strongly recommended to get access to a good IFR flight simulator.

Why? This will allow you to accomplish 3 objectives:

1. Save money
Flying is not cheap. With all of the aircraft rental fees, fuel surcharges, and flight instructor fees, the costs can add up to the thousands of dollars.

Taking advantage of an IFR flight simulator is without doubt one means to lower the costs of your instrument training and your routine instrument proficiency checks.

The cost of a simulator is immeasurably less expensive than renting a real aircraft.

Therefore if the Federal Aviation Administration allows you to log up to twenty hours of dual instruction with a simulator towards your instrument rating, it would be silly not to take make use of it. In the current economic downturn, it is a good idea to be budget conscious.

2. Save time
Leveraging an IFR flight simulator not only saves you money, it also saves time. It is a lot easier to hop onto a PC, start the simulator program, and become "airborne" in minutes. On the other hand, an actual flight requires checking out the plane, refueling, and performing a preflight inspection every time you fly.

Bad weather can hinder your earning your Instrument Rating. Rain, snow, clouds, and heavy winds may all result in canceled flight training sessions. This can slow down your progress.

3. Getting In A Little Extra Practice
An IFR flight simulator also allows you to get plenty of extra practice. You aren't restricted to flying only when the instructor and aircraft are available. Therefore you could spend extra hours using the simulator above and beyond your standard flight sessions.

These are the benefits of owning your own IFR flight simulator.

With all of the advancements in computer software engineering technology that we have available to us at our disposal these days, in the modern era, one of the most essential tools that every pilot, regardless of whether he or she is a novice pilot or an experienced pilot, must have available to him or her, is a good flight simulation program.

A flight simulation program can help to shorten the gap during those unforeseen periods of extended downtime in between flights.

It may also help you to improve on your skills, help you maintain your proficiency, and may even allow you to get some supplemental practice in those areas in which you could see some improvement.

Flight simulator software can help you become a safer pilot.

They can also help you to save money, as well as time, on extra training or unnecessarily having to repeat flying the same practice maneuvers over and over again.

Fortunately, flight simulator technology is so sophisticated, that piloting a simulator is practically every bit as realistic as piloting the real deal. The instrument panel is identical. The control inputs are identical. The "map" built into the simulator is based on real world cartographic data. The manner in which the aircraft behaves to various internal (weight and balance, fuel, aircraft performance) as well as external (weather phenomena, air temperature) forces is intended to imitate real world scenarios.

For many people, a flight simulation program is merely a really high-tech video game. And in many ways, it can be enjoyed as such. After all, you'll never have to concern yourself about crashing the plane in a simulator!

But for many others, a flight simulation program is a robust learning tool, and for many professional pilots, it is fundamental part of one's aviation career.

Download and start flying your very own IFR flight simulator today.


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